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Ten Horror Film Characters We Like to Hate

More often than not, characters in films, books, and podcasts are memorable due to how relatable or likable they’re or how a lot they affect the universe of which they’re a component. However there’s at all times that one character. You recognize precisely what I’m speaking about. That one character you’ll like to see get killed. It could possibly be for a plethora of causes: Maybe they’re impolite or annoying, or perhaps they completely betrayed their pals sooner or later within the film. Both manner, you hate them and odds are tons of different folks do too. Learn on for 10 characters in horror films we like to hate.

Trey Cooper: Freddy vs. Jason

Trey is a glorified background character and the primary to get killed off within the 2003 slasher Freddy vs. Jason. By anyone’s requirements, Trey is the proper instance of a douchey boyfriend and a personality we like to hate. All through the few scenes he’s in, he’s impolite, merciless, and extremely demanding. One scene exhibits him getting irritated at his girlfriend, Gib, for not desirous to have intercourse when he does. It’s causes like this that which make his notably odd dying all of the extra pleasant to observe. After Gib goes to take a bathe, Trey rolls onto his abdomen to seize a beer and is unaware of the hulking Jason’s presence within the bed room. Jason stabs him a bunch of instances within the again earlier than ending him off by pulling each ends of the mattress inward.

Paige Edwards: Home of Wax (2005)

In principle, Paige may have been a superb supporting character within the 2005 thriller Home of Wax. However she wasn’t. She actually wasn’t. She was performed by Paris Hilton, whose fame might have contributed to the adverse response from viewers. The actress gave one thing of a lackluster efficiency and folks cheered when she was lastly killed off. After placing up an honest combat, Paige ended up with the sharp finish of a pole getting rammed by means of her brow.

Ronnie White: Halloween (2007)

In Rob Zombie’s 2007 reboot of Halloween, we get a more in-depth, extra twisted look into younger Michael Myers’ house life. Alongside together with his mom and two sisters Michael lives together with his mom’s boyfriend, Ronnie. Ronnie is a impolite, temperamental alcoholic. When he isn’t insulting Michael or hitting on Judith Myers, he’s being a real displeasure for everybody; these are only a few causes we like to hate him. Ronnie is the second to die within the movie by the hands of Michael Myers because of a well-deserved throat slash.

Vukmir: A Serbian Movie 

With regards to film villains, A Serbian Movie‘s Vukmir is as unhealthy because it will get. You title it, this man most likely did it: snuff movie director, Serbian mobster, pornographer, pedophile, necrophile. One would suppose that lastly seeing him die would really feel like a reward after watching all of the terrible issues he did. However it isn’t. You virtually need him to endure extra. Both manner, he’s killed off after a tussle with considered one of his victims, Milo. So take some pleasure in that should you can.

Jack Torrance: The Shining 

One may most likely make the argument that Jack isn’t actually chargeable for his habits in The Shining. In any case, he’s being managed by the unseen pressure that haunts the Overlook Lodge. No matter that, he does come throughout as an unbearable creep that we like to hate. And plenty of viewers are glad when he will get his comeuppance on the finish of the movie. After making an attempt to kill his household Jack is left to freeze to dying within the big maze exterior the Overlook.

Heather Donahue: The Blair Witch Undertaking

I used to be hesitant to place Heather on this checklist as The Blair Witch Undertaking is considered one of my favourite films. However there isn’t any denying how irritating closing lady Heather is. Anybody who likes to hate her has motive to take action. She is a bossy management freak who refuses to confess when she is within the unsuitable. Her dying is a straightforward off display kill because of the Blair Witch however oh so satisfying and definitely worth the wait.

Mrs. Carmody: The Mist (2007)

Mrs. Carmody is what one may name a non secular nut. She is infamous round Bridgton, Maine for being mentally unstable Karen and for believing in a bloodthirsty God. She takes her beliefs to an entire new stage when she makes an attempt to get her small group of followers to sacrifice folks. Together with a small little one. Fortunately issues don’t go that far. Due to a few bullets (one within the intestine, the opposite within the head).

Jack Frost: Jack Frost (1997)

It’s unhealthy sufficient Jack Frost is a serial killer. Then the ante actually will get raised throughout his transformation right into a killer snowman with the assistance of a bit of poisonous waste. Clearly this film is supposed to behave as a parody, thus why Jack Frost is the sort of antagonist viewers like to hate. It’s onerous to resolve what to hate most about this character: his horrible design, the crappy one liners, or the less-than-creative kills. Fortunately for us officer Sam places an finish to everybody’s struggling when he kills Jack in a truck mattress stuffed with antifreeze. However don’t get too excited, there’s a sequel.

Margaret White: Carrie (1976 and 2013)

Carrie White has a tough sufficient time becoming in at college. It definitely doesn’t assist that she has an overbearing mom to cope with at house. Margaret White is a mentally ailing, God-fearing, abusive matriarch. She believes that virtually every part is sinful–particularly intercourse. Whereas she does truly love her daughter she can also be extraordinarily co-dependent and that ends in her changing into a secondary antagonist. To no one’s shock, Margaret is killed by Carrie’s energy of telekinesis.

Franklin Hardesty: Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath 

Franklin is, indisputably, one of many whiniest characters in cinematic historical past. In each scene he seems in, he’s complaining about one thing, irritating his pals together with his infantile antics, or yelling for his sister, Sally. Though he does deserve some props for being the primary and solely sufferer in Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath to be killed with Leatherface’s chainsaw, viewers have each motive to like to hate him.

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