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Over Two Dozen Schoolgirls Hospitalized After Enjoying With Ouija

The New York Submit reported that just about 30 Columbian schoolgirls needed to be hospitalized after collectively enjoying with a spirit board. The youths skilled psychological misery and different cognitive impairments after the session.

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Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Instructional Establishment in Galeras, mentioned “There have been 28 doable circumstances of tension in class college students.” The story was run in Jam Press in accordance with The Submit.

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The merchandise grew to become an enormous a part of the March 9 different information cycle with many shops, together with FOX Information, working with it.

All of it occurred on the Galeras Instructional Establishment. Alarm bells went off after a mass spell of fainting, nervousness, and different worrisome signs overtook the ladies and so they needed to be transported to the municipal hospital by the college.

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In fact, a concrete prognosis has but to be reported, however mother and father of the kids are blaming a Ouija board for the incident. Columbia has an extended historical past and superstitions have been handed down for hundreds of years. For each village, there’s in all probability a ghost story shrouded in magic and thriller.

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“I work right here in a hospital kiosk and on daily basis I see three or 4 youngsters arrive after fainting,” mentioned one mom of a sufferer. “Dad and mom, you must transfer, examine what’s taking place in school, as a result of our youngsters can not proceed on this scenario.”

She added, “Our kids at all times have a superb breakfast and it can’t be mentioned that what’s taking place is because of lack of meals.”

Torres is being a bit of extra scientific about the entire scenario, “Given the reported circumstances, a sequence of feedback have been unleashed on the group that, reasonably than serving to to resolve the scenario, led to confusion and an hostile setting for our work,” he mentioned.

Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Instructional Establishment: Jam Press

“The college is ready for the medical diagnoses to offer additional dependable info,” mentioned Torres, who hopes the group will cease leaping to otherworldy conclusions.

The college hasn’t publicly launched the explanation for the mass sickness and there was no phrase on if a police investigation is warranted.


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