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10 Witty Horror Motion pictures as Humorous as They Are Scary

Horror comedies are extraordinarily onerous to drag off. But, regardless of that, comedy and horror are extra entwined than any two different genres. Each of them fully come all the way down to timing. Organising a scare and organising a joke are extremely related practices and each require a meticulous balancing act to drag off appropriately. This is the reason horror comedies are so spectacular once they work effectively. They’re additionally the best to deliver new folks into the style. Don’t begin somebody out on I Spit on Your Grave, reel them in to observe a film they’ll have enjoyable with.

Most horror films ought to provide some type of levity. An excessive amount of of 1 factor will depart an viewers disinterested. Even A Nightmare on Elm Avenue and The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath have moments to steadiness out the heavy environment and surprising scares. This not solely offers the viewers an opportunity to relax, it additionally permits them to be caught off guard by the point the subsequent scare rolls round. Extra importantly, humor is a simple approach to enable us to narrate to the characters.

A superb horror movie needs to be like a curler coaster, enjoyable one second and terrifying the subsequent. Most of the options we’ll be taking a look at on this checklist aren’t conventional horror comedies. They’re easy horror movies that occur to have numerous humor to steadiness out the scares. That’s one of many hardest issues to do appropriately on this style, and these films make it look simple.

Motel Hell

Motel Hell was by no means the film I anticipated it to be. For one factor, it has little or no to do with the titular motel. It’s truly a touch upon the meat trade and meals processing, a Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath riff that additionally served as biting satire, however one which positively performs it straight when it must. I wouldn’t describe it as a comedy. It’s only a bizarre, offbeat, cannibal slasher with quirky characters that by no means takes itself too significantly. Farmer Vincent’s dying confession of “I used… preservatives” is totally hilarious.

masked Farmer Vincent in Motel Hell


Creepshow guarantees “Probably the most enjoyable you’ll ever have being scared!” That’s a tall order, however it’s type of true. As darkish and grim as every of the 5 tales get, they’re all extremely enjoyable. Stephen King actually performed for laughs with this script in an entertaining means. The movie completely nails the tone of the EC comics it takes as its main inspiration. The consequences are superb, the rating is top-notch, and the cinematography and enhancing are means forward of their time, however it’s additionally loaded with some howlingly humorous scenes.

George Romero and Stephen King's CreepshowGremlins

Gremlins is a tremendous mishmash of tones that ought to have been not possible to drag off. There’s no means it ought to have labored, and that may very well be stated of so lots of the all-time greats. They took an enormous probability and it paid off huge time. It’s a Christmas film aside from when it’s an anti-Christmas film. Optimistic aside from when it’s nihilistic and comedy aside from when it’s horror. Every considered one of these elements is balanced so effectively and all of them mix collectively seamlessly. These are the qualities that make it a traditional.


Re-Animator might be extra of an outright comedy than any of the others on this checklist, however I feel folks are inclined to overlook how a lot of it’s truly performed straight. Jeffrey Combs is excessive as West, however the humor is in how significantly he performs that character. The absurdity comes principally by way of the tone however there’s an unbelievable, figuring out wit within the dialogue and performances, each of that are a big a part of the explanation it has lasted so lengthy. A lot of it’s performed so significantly, however it’s nonetheless performed for humor.


In case you’re becoming bored with haunted home flicks and don’t like the truth that all of them have the identical fundamental setups and scares, watch Home. It’s the least conventional haunted home flick ever made. There’s a critical emotional middle however that’s simply the cherry on high when the film is chock-full of hilarious conditions and even funnier character interactions. George Wendt is a present on this movie and manages to function each the comedian aid fool and the man the viewers can relate to as he tries to navigate this bizarre and weird state of affairs.

House 1986 MonsterThe Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath 2

Tobe Hooper’s sequel to Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath couldn’t be a extra completely different film than the unique, however on the similar time, it’s completely reactionary to its predecessor. It’s a lot greater, so over-the-top, it’s a Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath for a really completely different decade. All the things within the eighties was about extra, so the sequel is greater, gorier, and funnier than the primary. At any time when the primary one turned left, this one turns proper, and that’s finally what makes it stand out.

Old sawyer from the texas chainsaw massacre movies.Friday the 13th Half VI: Jason Lives

Jason Lives could also be an awesome horror comedy and a complete deconstruction of its franchise, however it additionally by no means forgets to be a horror film. That’s the actual key to its success. Jason himself isn’t performed for laughs and is definitely creepy on this one. There’s a really thick, heavy environment that’s refreshing and solely supplemented and strengthened by the usually hilarious script.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason LivesNight time of the Creeps

Night time of the Creeps is such an entertaining, sensible, effectively written piece that it type of irks me that it solely ever will get seen as a tacky B-Film. After all it’s a B-movie however deliberately so. It’s additionally a lot extra. There are some nice characters right here, some sincere relationships. It will be an enticing school comedy if the mind slug zombies by no means even confirmed up, however fortunately they do.

Night of the Creeps

Scream is an ideal instance of a witty, very humorous script that solely makes an outright horror film higher. Scream is in no way a horror comedy. The opening scene alone is among the scariest, most intense sequences in any horror movie. However there’s nice dialogue that feels effortlessly humorous and a script that’s so self-referential however by no means talks all the way down to the style or its followers.

Six Horror sequels with subtle references you may have missed. Billy and Stu in Scream.An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London is just not an outright horror comedy, regardless of what most individuals declare. It’s only a horror movie that occurs to be very, very humorous and it’s the good instance of such. That is such an awesome, earnest, scary werewolf characteristic that can also be hysterical. These two concepts mesh as completely right here as they ever have within the historical past of cinema. And the humor doesn’t simply come from lifeless good friend Jack. There are unexpectedly humorous bits peppered all by way of the film—with the theater scene being a specific stand-out—and it’s that very unexpectedness that makes them even funnier.

Undead Jack appears in American Werewolf in London

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