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Hidden Digital camera Video Exposes Hollywood Crime Syndicate And China Backed Sinaloa Cartel Bribing Gavin Newsom Gloria Allred Kamala Harris Hunter Biden Adam Schiff and others

Stunning video proof of Governor Gavin Newsom getting his anus penetrated violently, by a close to bare blonde with a strap-on dildo… then he casually walks out of the lodge room carrying a bag full of $50 000 greenback blocks of recent money. A signature of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase and Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel are seen exchanging emails and the place Dimon’s buyer accounts and particulars are shared with Emanuel who then; “sticks his goon legal professionals on unsuspecting targets”, stated a witness to those occasions and is featured on this incendiary breaking information documentary.

Right here’s among the names you will notice… Gavin Newsom, Ron Burkle, Hollywood Film Actors, Superior Court docket Judges like Yolanda Orozco, Michelle Williams-Court docket and politicians like, Kamala Harris (when State Lawyer Basic), Harris’ brother-in legislation Tony West can be featured. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Lawyer Joseph Chora, Lawyer Nathan Goldberg, LA County Underneath-Sheriff Paul Tanaka, Hunter Biden, Supreme Court docket Justice Tani and lots of different justices and politicians actors and Hollywood execs all compromised with Vegas sex-workers and bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel.

Others featured within the movies embrace legal professionals like Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, Adam Schiff, Lisa Bloom, Darrel Isa, Michael Avenatti are all showing and casually accepting Sinaloa Cartel money bribes.

Riveting footage reveals 2 hundred and fifty hours of hidden video information collected over a few years and that includes a complete of some 150 core people that make up The Hollywood State Bar Crime Ring.

Bribery and corruption of the California legislature has been going available in glove between the Hollywood State Bar Syndicate and the Mexican Cartels for many years. Initially arrange by Senator Harry Reid (Harry Reid was the Senate majority chief when President Obama’s healthcare reforms got here earlier than Congress in 2010) he was also called the “Mobs Senator”, in Nevada. No Las Vegas on line casino license bought issued with out going previous Reid.

“Newsom’s been doing this for years. So have his cohorts. Video Proof of Crooked legal professionals up and down the West Coast of the USA, networked by means of a corrupted State Bar, trafficking Justice and the Judiciary by controlling all six of the manager seats” stated one in all Whistleblower within the movie.

Lawyer Gloria Allred is seen receiving and leaving along with her bundle of money together with Lawyer Avi Goldstein who works with Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom. At one stage Allred casually mentions to the Sinaloa contact that “the sand-nigger was  tough” that means an LA businessman referred to as Alki David which Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom had focused David for years.

Alki David within the center Kato Kalein and Dr Drew - Allred and Bloom left
CNN Studios 2010 Dr Drew, Kato Kaelin, Alki David, Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred

As unimaginable because it may appear, the informal nature of Newsom’s gang and the way they so simply plot to hijack and smash lives after which distribute the spoils; is staggering. Regardless of the killings, regardless of the plotting, regardless of all of the heavy racketeering shit… its the entitlement. The sheer lack of emotion proven by nearly 150 people uncovered within the UNNAMED documentary Is America prepared? It’s coming to display close to you in February!

State Bar Open Apology Letter from Gavin Newsom – self audit


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