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A Star Trek Film That Was By no means Made Delayed Treasure Planet For Over A Decade

In a single such retrospective, on “The Tammy Tuckey Present,” Musker and Clements recalled the genesis of the undertaking, pitched to Disney some 18 years previous to the movie’s precise launch. They describe the writers’ room the place the studio’s decision-makers would elect their subsequent big-budget initiatives and revealed that then-CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, had taken his approval course of instantly from Chuck Barris-hosted 1976 sport present “The Gong Present.” On “The Gong Present,” contestants would carry out uncommon leisure acts for a panel of movie star judges. If the judges discovered the act to be insupportable, they might strike a gong up on the wall and finish the act instantly. Solely acts that made it to the tip obtained a rating. 

Eisner was evidently a fan of “The Gong Present,” and would take heed to a litany of concepts from his writers. If it did not instantly seize him, it was “gonged.” Whether or not or not Eisner truly hit a gong stays unclear. At first, Clements revealed that considered one of Disney’s eventual blockbusters was initially handed up previous to putting on “Treasure Planet.” He described the method like this:

“Michael Eisner was very new at Disney, and he had this brainstorm approach referred to as ‘The Gong Present’ the place … he wished us to exit and are available again with 5 new concepts for animated options. And I did. And after we got here again and reconvened, he mentioned, ‘I solely need you to say your finest concept.’ And when he got here to me, I mentioned my finest concept, and that was ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Which truly bought gonged! It bought ‘un-gonged’ very quickly, however on the time it bought gonged. And it was Jeffrey Katzenberg, truly, who gonged it.”


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