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THE MENU [2022] – Horror Cult Movies

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RUNNING TIME: 106 minutes


Hawthorne is a really unique restaurant located on a personal island. It’s operated by celeb chef Julian Slowik, who insists on absolute perfection and runs the place in a really inflexible style. Arriving there are a disparate group of people who find themselves all rich apart from Margot Mills, who’s changed any individual else because the girlfriend of Slowik fanboy Tyler. The meal begins, however the first few programs are primarily based on molecular gastronomy and the bread dish doesn’t even comprise any bread, whereas a lot of the company are more and more discomforted by the very strict and nearly ritualistic method by which the meal is being carried out….

I suppose that this would possibly make me appear uncultured, however I might by no means get into the effective eating expertise. Whereas I can actually recognize and sometimes love a great meal, having a number of programs with not a lot on the plate of any of them might have been an attention-grabbing expertise the primary time round, helped by the corporate in order that dialog flowed in the course of the waits between programs, however struck me as being slightly foolish and pointless as a result of I used to be nonetheless hungry afterwards. Not each meal must completely fill you up, nevertheless it ought to actually depart you happy and never have you ever yearning for one thing further. The Menu, which initially appears to be poking enjoyable at effective eating however quickly reveals itself to be trying to do lots of different issues too, incorporates lots of memorable moments, however, when you share my views of effective eating, the one that may in all probability stick out most can be when our heroine Margot tells Chef Slowik that she’s hungry. I felt like cheering, although what’s really priceless is the look on Slowik’s face – after which she goes one higher and asks him for a cheeseburger. Despite the fact that we’re close to the tip of the movie and Slowik has proved to be a really harmful and slightly mad individual certainly for a while, Slowik’s response to this request is slightly completely different from what we’ve come to count on. However then there are fairly just a few issues that are sudden in Mark Mylod’s movie [his first theatrical feature in ten years  in a career mostly in television, even if one will be able to get a vague idea of where things are going quite early on. The screenplay by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy is full of sharp, sarcastic dialogue, all of which is well delivered by a well chosen cast, but the black comedy thriller with horror tinges struggles a little from seeming to satirise and commentate on too much for one movie.

We’re first introduced to Tyler and Margot, the latter being a last-minute replacement, but soon meet other guests. These include food critic Lilian Bloom and her editor Ted, wealthy couple and regulars Richard and Anne Liebbrandt, movie star who’s a bit past his prime George Diaz and his personal assistant Felicity, and business partners Soren, Dave, and Bryce. The group are given a tour of the island by restaurant captain Elsa, who notes that Margot was not Tyler’s original guest for the evening. She seems rather strict and even hiding things, though to be honest none of the guests seem particularly present either except for Margot. Even Tyler doesn’t seem very nice, being rather arrogant and talking to Margot like she’s beneath him, not to mention his rather pathetic fawning over Slowik and his food. As dinner’s about to begin, we cut around the guests, getting a sense of what they’re like and what their relationships with each other while keeping the pace going even though nothing exciting happens for a while. Slowik comes on to introduce the first dish, onscreen text also doing the same as it does with each successive dish, something which will come in handy if you watch the film at home and then want to hold a dinner party and piss off your guests. The first few molecular gastronomy dishes receive understandably mixed reactions from the group, with Tyler being positively ecstatic about the experience; despite no photography being allowed, he takes secret snapshots of his plates while trying to work out how each thing was prepared. However, Margot isn’t fond of either the food or the restaurant. And who’s that woman getting through all that wine in the corner?

So we have quite a lot to consider here, right from all the guests who seem modelled on personality types that are common if you work in the service industry. Of course the thoroughly pretentious nature of fine dining seems to come foremost under fire, but then there’s also the quest for perfection, and the marriages between art and artist, and artist and consumer. Slowik has become totally obsessive in creating the perfect dishes, but has lost touch of what his public might want, though he has his fans including Tyler who totally believes the bull**** that comes out of Slowik’s mouth, something which suggests that rabid fans of an artist can be a bad thing more than a good thing. We’re asked to consider how much we buy into hype, and are Rees and Tracy also suggesting a parallel with the production of all sorts of art, including movie making, which for some time now has been in serious trouble, with only huge special effects spectacles tending to make lots of money in terms of Hollywood’s output, yet the majority of the public [well, outside movie discussion forums] lap it up? When will a major variety of individuals start to withstand the hype, query this and demand one thing completely different? There’s some jabbing on the privileged wealthy too in a movie which tries to do a bit an excessive amount of; one can sense the writers fascinated about all these topics which they wished to say one thing about. That may be a great factor, seeing as we’re at present in an period the place being requested to assume actually isn’t very distinguished in any respect, however maybe rather less of this will likely have resulted in a extra cohesive piece. In fact there’s additionally the chance that in a single or two facets I’m barking up the mistaken tree, however then unconscious that means can also be a factor.

Sill, it’s most definately attainable to get pleasure from The Menu with out having to make use of your mind an excessive amount of. The sensation of claustrophobia as we realise that the characters are trapped on this place could be very sturdy, and there are occasions when issues are on the verge of getting a bit scary, although the movie then pulls again from this, which is initially irritating however turns into effective while you’re within the specific groove that this movie gives. A very notable scene entails Matthew Cornwell as Dale, a coast guard officer who instantly comes into the fray; we’re hopeful that issues will turn out to be sunnier however are usually not too aggravated when this thought is thrown in our face as a result of it’s additionally fairly humorous. Frequent use of character closeups maybe betrays MyLod being much more skilled in tv, however they’re used effectively right here, although maybe we must always reward editor Christopher Tellefson extra for some skilled scene transitions. And the performances are all completely spot on. I wished to spend extra time with a few of the supporting characters, particularly Lilliam the snobby meals critic who helped to make Slowik well-known, performed expertly by Jant McTeer, partly due to the intelligent writing which suggests a fantastic deal, but in addition due to the performing. Fiennes is really at his greatest; generally his character does issues that aren’t logical in any manner however Fiennes makes you consider it, in addition to inflicting us to sympathise with this man who solely needs to be appreciated for his work [don’t we all?], regardless that his obsession with this has turned him right into a psychopath. And Anya-Taylor Pleasure continues to impress, one of many best actresses of her era.

Meals is one in all life’s nice pleasures, so it’s nice that almost all foodie movies make you need to and gorge your self at a restaurant of your selection as quickly because it’s completed. This one in all probability received’t, regardless of all its closeups of dishes which appeared fairly un-appetising to my unsophisticated palette. This maybe locations it nearer to the likes of Le Grand Bouffee and The Cook dinner, The Thief, The Spouse And Her Lover, even when it’s not significantly like both movie. Its principally chilly, slicing [in more ways than one] nature isn’t allowed to completely overwhelm the very unhappy story of a person who’s by no means happy together with his artwork, and has this dissatisfaction drive him mad. The Menu is kind of mysterious, pretty authentic and has loads to say.

Ranking: ★★★★★★★★☆☆



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