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True Vengeance (1997)

One other respectable, straight-to-video head-kicker starring Daniel Bernhardt, who will get to check out a extra badass persona as a hotshot murderer in sun shades and an overcoat, rolling round in slow-motion with a gun in every hand like he’s in a John Woo film. It’s additionally one other early outing for a couple of Hollywood martial artists who would go on to redefine stunts and motion motion pictures within the west; individuals like combat choreographers Chad Stahelski and Brad Martin, and stunt performers Jonathan Eusebio, Marcus Younger and Tim Rigby. Bernhardt performs Griffin, a embellished ex-Navy SEAL who’s launched as a doting single dad to a younger daughter, till the Yakuza kidnap her and strap her to an oxygen tank laced with explosives. Griffin places on a bullet-belt, masses up on weapons, and goes on the rampage. “You suppose you possibly can kill me? Nobody can kill me!” he yells as he takes out Santa Monica’s thriving Yakuza neighborhood. The baddies are shaped of some acquainted faces, the form of typecast Asian American actors you see cropping up in lots of motion motion pictures from the Nineties; individuals like George Cheung and Roger Yuan. The Yakuza seem like in league with ‘Massive Tech’, desirous to put money into synthetic intelligence about 20 years earlier than that may really turn into a factor, displaying some superb monetary perception for a felony organisation. Quickly, Griffin not solely has Japanese gangsters and the cops on his tail, but in addition an astute Naval Intelligence Officer, performed by Beverly Johnson – the primary African American mannequin to look on the quilt of American Vogue. Kickboxer director David Price is in his ingredient, completely happy to let his gifted stunt crew take management over the movie’s many motion scenes, every feverishly exhibiting Bernhardt in all his high-kicking glory. Tarzan star Miles O’Keeffe performs a employed goon who will get to cross swords with Bernhardt on the finish, however there’s additionally combat earlier on between Bernhardt and Leo Lee, with each displaying nice approach. This can be a good instance of an affordable Hollywood B film which is method higher than it has any proper to be.

AKA: Energy Power; Fact or Penalties.


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