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INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS (1973) Opinions and free to observe on-line


‘They’ll love the very life out of your physique!’
Invasion of the Bee Ladies is a 1973 science fiction horror movie directed by Denis Sanders from a screenplay written by Nicholas Meyer (later director of Star Trek II and VI and Time After Time).


On April 4, 2017, Scream Manufacturing unit launched the movie on Blu-ray.


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anitra ford invasion of the bee girlsThe film stars William Smith (Grave of the Vampire, Moon in Scorpio), Victoria Vetri (Rosemary’s Child, When Dinosaurs Dominated the Earth), Anitra Ford (Messiah of Evil), Cliff Osmond, Wright King, Ben Hammer, Anna Aries (The Ωmega Man), Beverly Powers (The Comedy of Terrors, Brides of Blood, Jaws), Cliff Emmich (Halloween II). Rene Bond (Please Don’t Eat My Mom!; Necromania) performs one of many Bee Ladies.

Veteran Gary Graver (Deep Area; et al) dealt with the cinematography and Charles Bernstein (Daddy’s Lethal Darling, The Entity, A Nightmare on Elm Avenue), supplied the groovy 70s rating, aside from the ends credit that are accompanied by Johan Strauss’ Additionally Sprach Zarathustra’ (famously utilized in 2001: A Area Odyssey).

Physician Susan Harris, a mad scientist (Anitra Ford), has created a military of feminine beauties who seduce males to loss of life. One after the other the male victims are killed earlier than the native police catch on to the plans of the contaminated females.


Neil Agar (Smith), a safety agent with the State Division, is dispatched to Peckham, California to analyze the loss of life of John Grubowsky, a bacteriologist working at government-sponsored Brandt Analysis.

Swiftly making the acquaintance of the laboratory’s head librarian, Julie Zorn, he begins interviewing the agency’s main scientists, a lot of whom have reputations as sexual gamers. His investigation is quickly difficult by a rising variety of deaths, all males who died of congestive coronary heart failure brought on by sexual exhaustion.

Confronted with a quickly escalating physique rely, the native sheriff, Captain Peters, holds a city assembly at which the laboratory’s main relationship researcher, Henry Murger, urges the city populace to follow coitus abstinence – an thought greeted with derision by the locals.

Neil and Julie prepare a gathering with Murger afterwards to debate his theories as to the reason for his loss of life, solely to see him chased down and run over by a automotive with an unseen driver. Later, Neil discovers a secret room concealing naughty paraphernalia and Murger’s secret lover, Joe, who informs Neil that he noticed Murger driving off with an unknown lady previous to his loss of life.


Regardless of a curfew and the institution of a navy quarantine, the scientists proceed their carnal video games. Certainly one of them, Herb Kline, is approached by Susan Harris, a phenomenal entomologist engaged on bees. Although described by the lads as an “iceberg,” she flirts with Kline and invitations him over for dinner.

That night time, as they get frisky, Kline suffers a deadly thrombosis and Harris reveals black compound eyes suggesting that she is greater than she seems…

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“What salvages this considerably unlikely plot is the film’s sense of fashion. It appears good, it strikes pretty effectively, the women are fairly, Massive Invoice frowns impressively and there are a whole lot of close to s-f gimmicks. My favourite was a type of Redi-Whip cocoon that not solely turns the women into queen bees however offers them a facial and a hairdo on the identical time.” Roger


“The beautiful easy idea of the movie offers means for many tongue-in-cheek dialogue, loads of intercourse and violence, and all of the drive-in enjoyable you possibly can need. Anchoring the film is a weird script, which properly doesn’t take itself very significantly and as an alternative performs up the exploitation angles for all it’s price. You get tacky lab sequences; transformation scenes with flashing lights and a military of ladies rubbing white goop throughout bare lady recruits…” DVD Drive-In


“The movie tempts and admonishes us directly. We get gratuitous boobs and butts, but simply once we assume sizzling motion is coming our means, it cuts to a face of a corpse. Additionally it is a classy, cogently directed movie with a energetic script and a cool wa-wa-wa-wa la-la-la-la theme track which recollects Ennio Morricone’s rating for Fowl with the Crystal Plumage. B-movie big William Smith […] is ideal because the square-jawed agent on the bee women’ path. Anitra Ford […] is ravishing and fearsome because the queen bee.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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” …I’m nearly optimistic that this film was meant to be taken in jest, and that its flagrant disregard for high quality is at the very least to some extent deliberate. The cumulative impact of the daft setup, the lunatic dialogue, and the myriad minor bafflements on the one hand, and the heavy-handed psychosexual and sociopolitical symbolism on the opposite is simply an excessive amount of.” 100 Misspent Hours and Counting

Invasion of the Bee Girls Italian poster LInvasione delle api regine

last woman on earth + invasion of the bee girls dvd invasion of the bee girls

Solid and characters:
William Smith as Neil Agar
Anitra Ford as Dr Susan Harris
Victoria Vetri as Julie Zorn
Cliff Osmond as Captain Peters
Wright King as Dr Murger
Ben Hammer as Herb Kline
Anna Aries as Nora Kline
Andre Philippe as Aldo Ferrara
Sid Kaiser as Stan Williams
Katie Saylor as Gretchen Grubowsky
Beverly Powers as Harriet Williams
Cliff Emmich as The Coroner

graveyard tramps

Movie info:
Within the US, the movie was misleadingly re-released as Graveyard Tramps


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