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Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite (1996)

Eight years after the primary Bloodsport comes this oblique sequel. One of many alleged causes for the delay was Van Damme claiming that he want to return to the scene of his breakout movie function and star within the follow-up himself. However, for no matter purpose, Bloodsport 2 winds up changing into the display debut for Swiss stud Daniel Bernhardt, a martial artist and mannequin with greater than a passing resemblance to the ‘Muscle groups from Brussels’. Regardless of the clear bodily and dramatic comparability, Bernhardt performs an entirely new character, a French artwork thief known as Alex, who winds up in a Thai jail when he’s caught stealing an historical sword – the prize given to the winners of the lethal ‘Kumite’ martial arts match. Whereas within the slammer, he learns the kooky ‘iron hand’ approach from James Hong, taking part in some sort of kung fu zen grasp, who additionally units him on the straight and slim by way of his wellbeing and life decisions. Regardless of being in jail, his new sensei convinces him to combat within the Kumite – which is now clearly positioned in Thailand, as an alternative of Hong Kong – and thru some mad contrivance, he winds up being purchased out of jail by an area artwork vendor (Pat Morita) to participate within the match and return the sword.

Bernhardt actually seems to be nice with chiselled abs and sharp jawline, kicking a succession of beefy, acrobatic fighters within the face together with his lengthy legs, together with folks like Chad Stahelski in an early stunt function. Due to Philip Tan – stunt coordinator, combat choreographer and second unit director – this sequel really does extra to champion the martial arts than the unique movie, with good representations of worldwide preventing kinds from monkey-style kung fu to judo, capoeira, karate and Muay Thai, plus a real-life taekwondo grandmaster within the type of Hee Il Cho (Bernhardt’s real-life teacher), taking part in the top of the Kumite. Stunt performer Lisa McCullough performs the Kumite’s first feminine competitor; it’s a pleasant addition to the format, and makes the movie really feel not less than marginally extra inclusive even when most of her combat scenes are seemingly performed for laughs.

Apart from the Kumite components – which make up a lot of the film – the one different reference to the primary movie is the return of Donald Gibb’s comedic foil, Jackson. He’s as burly and obnoxious as earlier than, however provided that he’s not really competing within the match, his buddy function is now completely diminished to offering ethical assist. Bolo Yeung is represented by one other Asian heavy, Ong Soo Han (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), who poses to the group in between bouts of breaking bones. He doesn’t have the scene-stealing menace of Bolo, however then once more, who else does? The movie did nothing theatrically however was a hit on video, which appears like its pure residence. As low-budget sequels to cult hits go, this isn’t half as dangerous as you may suppose.

AKA: Bloodsport 2.


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