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Erika Jayne Drops Bombshell Declare About Tom Girardi’s Authorized Woes

Asks Kyle, “You are saying that we do not know for a undeniable fact that these folks weren’t paid, these victims?”

“That is proper,” Erika replies. “Precisely proper.”

An equally confused Dorit then provides, “You imply there’s an opportunity they could possibly be mendacity?” to which Erika says, “There’s an opportunity.” 

Erika continues, “We nonetheless do not have all of the info, that is what I maintain saying. This is not wrapped up. It does not matter what somebody claims.”

Garcelle, for her half, is not shopping for it. As she vents in a confessional, “These victims are common folks, why would they be coming after Tom? Why would all these lawsuits come about in the event that they had been paid? They’d simply go stay their lives.”  


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