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Amber Heard Compelled To Admit She HAS NOT Given $7M Johnny Depp Divorce Cash To Charity! So She Lied In UK Courtroom??

Uh, permission to deal with the witness as hostile? The cross examination of Amber Heard lastly started on Monday afternoon, and it began off SO combative!

Johnny Depp‘s lawyer Camille Vasquez started by urgent Amber on the divorce cash she pledged to charity — however has by no means given.

As you might recall, proper after the couple’s divorce in 2016, Amber made it clear she was not after Johnny’s cash by declaring she would give the entire $7 million she was attending to charity. Each cent. As a result of, as she confirmed as soon as once more on the stand, she was “by no means fascinated about Johnny’s cash”. She testified on Monday:

“I didn’t care concerning the cash. I used to be informed if I didn’t conform to a quantity it might be overturned, we’d by no means settle. I took far lower than what they had been providing and what I used to be entitled to.”

She pledged half to the American Civil Liberties Union and must Youngsters’s Hospital LA, two nice non-profits that might at all times use an enormous donation like that. The factor is… she by no means gave all of them the cash.

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Late final month ACLU lawyer and COO Terence Dougherty was lastly compelled to confess — after being subpoenaed by Depp’s group — that Amber by no means gave them the $3.5 million. He testified that in the end they bought $1.3 mil, simply over a 3rd, and $500k of that got here from her boyfriend on the time, billionaire Elon Musk. Not solely did she cease paying, however as soon as they broke up, Elon stopped paying, too. Dougherty confirmed they haven’t heard from Amber since 2019.

It’s unclear how a lot she’s donated to the Youngsters’s Hospital, however final yr a letter was unearthed that their Affiliate Senior VP despatched to Amber in 2019 saying they’d solely gotten $100k — and asking after the opposite 3.4 mil she’d pledged.

So how a lot has she really given? Vasquez dug to search out out, and it didn’t go effectively. She acknowledged level clean that Amber had not donated the $7 million, to which the Aquaman star responded:

“That’s incorrect.”

No joke: Vasquez laughed, balking on the reply. She then rephrased her query:

“Sitting right here as we speak, Ms. Heard, you continue to haven’t donated the seven million greenback divorce settlement to charity, isn’t that proper?”

Amber wouldn’t give in, responding — talking on to the jury:

“Incorrect, I pledged everything of the seven million to charity and I intend to meet these obligations.”

Vasquez tried a number of occasions to interrupt, declaring that she was not answering the query. She rephrased once more:

“Sitting right here as we speak, you haven’t donated the seven million {dollars} — donated, not pledged, donated — the seven million greenback divorce settlement to charity?”

Amber equivocated, explaining — as soon as once more on to the jury:

“I exploit pledge and donation synonymous with each other… That’s how donations are paid.”

Depp’s lawyer identified these are NOT synonymous with each other — one is a promise, the opposite is a success — and held the actress’ toes to the hearth, stating:

“Respectfully, Ms. Heard, that’s not my query. As of as we speak, you haven’t PAID $3.5 million of your individual cash to the ACLU, sure or no?”

Amber lastly relented, saying:

“I’ve not but.”

Vasquez requested once more:

“And as of as we speak, you haven’t paid $3.5 million of your individual cash to the Youngsters’s Hospital of Los Angeles?”

Amber responded, throwing in her excuse for by no means having paid:

“I’ve not but. Johnny sued me.”

Vasquez lastly laid it out once more, asking angrily:

“In order of as we speak, you haven’t donated — PAID — seven million {dollars} of your divorce settlement to charity, proper?”

Amber answered:

“I’ve not been capable of fulfill these obligations but.”

Whoa! See the complete, contentious change (under)!

Wow. Rattling. We’d all type of figured that out already over the previous few months, however let’s not breeze previous the truth that’s type of a bombshell right here. It was how she at all times took the legs out from below his group’s declare that she was extorting him for cash. That may’t presumably be true as a result of she didn’t even preserve the cash, she gave it to charity.

Amber straight up lied greater than as soon as about this. She stated in a 2018 interview on a Dutch speak present:

“Seven million {dollars} in complete was donated — I break up it between the ACLU and the Youngsters’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I needed nothing.”

And he or she testified below oath to the UK excessive court docket throughout that 2020 libel trial — which Johnny misplaced — that she had donated the complete quantity.

Now her protection is twofold — one is that she makes use of the phrases “donate” and “pledge” interchangeably. Which is NOT a authorized protection. The second is that Johnny sued her, so immediately she couldn’t afford the cash. However… he didn’t sue her till March 2019. Why didn’t she pay the cash earlier than then? In 2019, the Youngsters’s Hospital was already saying they hadn’t heard from her since 2016. That doesn’t add up.

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