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Hidden David Bowie Faces You Did not Notice Had been In The Film Labyrinth


Though Labyrinth isn’t actually a horror movie… it was one in every of my favorites after I was a toddler.  I only recently discovered about all of the hidden David Bowie “Jareth” faces that have been hidden throughout the film.  It’s type of like searching for the hidden Mickeys at Disney World.


1. The primary face seems as quickly as Sarah enters the Labyrinth (after speaking to the little blue worm).

2. After the tunnel cleaners scene, Hoggle and Sarah climb a ladder. Hoggle steps on a weak rung and it breaks. As they present the rung falling, Jareth’s face seems among the many rocks.

3. After speaking to the wiseman, Sarah and Hoggle stroll by way of a hedge maze. Jareth’s face is on the ground, to the left of the obelisk.

4. Within the scene after Sarah frees Ludo, Hoggle is seen strolling off and muttering, “She’ll by no means get by way of the Labyrinth.”Jareth’s face seems within the prime left-hand nook.

5. Firstly of the scene the place Jareth provides Hoggle the poison peach.

6. Jareth’s face might be seen on the Bathroom of Everlasting Stench wall, proper after the ledge crumbles.

7. Within the forest, Jareth’s face seems among the many bushes proper after they depart the Bathroom of Everlasting Stench.

Watch the 7 secret hidden faces of Jareth in Labyrinth:



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