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Jean-Luc Battles A Thoughts Clown In Episode 7 Of Star Trek: Picard Season 2

You will recall that on the finish of episode 6, Picard (Patrick Stewart) had been run down by a bitter Adam Soong (Brent Spiner), appearing beneath the directions of Q (John De Lancie) who was, in flip, making an attempt to rewrite historical past and lead Earth to a fascist future. Picard fell right into a coma and was rushed to the clinic of Dr. Ramirez (Sol Rodiguez) the place Capt. Rios (Santiago Cabrera), Raffi (Michelle Hurd), Seven (Jeri Ryan), and the Watcher, Tallinn (Orla Brady) decide that he requires a mind-meld to outlive; Picard has retreated into desires. Fortunately, the Watcher has a widget that can permit her to hack into Picard’s mind and work together with pictures in his unconscious. 

Inside his thoughts, Picard imagines himself being psychoanalyzed by a Starfleet shrink (James Callis), and is, in flip, recalling his personal boyhood (whereby he’s performed by Dylan Von Halle) and he’s interacting along with his mom Yvette (Madeline Smart). However this isn’t Picard’s precise childhood, however as a substitute a fantasy childhood whereby he’s a younger prince, his mom is a queen, and their citadel is being infiltrated by monsters and evil clowns. This Trekkie stays skeptical that the looks of a thoughts clown was a coincidence, and never an express reference to “The Thaw.” 

There was a operating subplot all through this second season pertaining to Jean-Luc’s relationship along with his mom. Picard hardly ever talked about his dad and mom on “Star Trek: The Subsequent Era,” apart from going through a grumpy, disapproving dad in a single scene within the episode “Tapestry,” so that is new floor for the character. It is not floor audiences essentially want coated, however right here we’re. In his fantasy, Picard envisions his mom as a noble protector from evil enemies. It is solely by the interference from the Starfleet shrink that Picard will come to understand that his mom was, in reality, bipolar, and that the monsters have been in her creativeness. The true id of the Starfleet shrink will likely be revealed to be that of Picard’s father, Maurice.

Utilizing sci-fi or fantasy conceits to actually face your traumas, fears, or remnants of a flawed upbringing is a good narrative instrument, it appears out-of-place in “Picard.” Jean-Luc Picard was not a personality marked by trauma. He did have a man-made coronary heart — a leftover from an ill-advised bar brawl skilled throughout his final days at Starfleet Academy — however Picard was an grownup, mature, and resolute character. If something, Picard was aspirational. Not an ideal superbeing, in fact, however all the time working laborious to guide properly and enhance himself. “Picard” has invented trauma for the character, simply so there could be a purpose for him to beat it.


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