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Indie Horror Movies: Documentary Overview: On the Path of UFOs: Night time Guests

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Barry Francos / Indie Horror Movies, 2022
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On the Path
of UFOs: Night time Guests

Directed by Seth Breedlove

Small City Monsters;
1091 Footage
81 minutes, 2022

I do know I’ve mentioned this
earlier than, however cinematically talking, director Seth Breedlove is the “king” of
cryptid mythology, with movies masking ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman, Momo, and so
many others. These days, he’s been doing tv mini-series, and this movie is a
mixture of two of them, “On the Path of UFOs” (2020) and “On the Path of
UFOs: Darkish Skies” (2021; reviewed HERE).There could also be some new footage, however as I’ve not seen each of the others, I
can not inform, so I’ll concentrate on what’s in entrance of me.

Most of Breedlove’s documentaries
happen on the East Coast-ish, such because the Adirondack Mountains, or the
jap a part of the Midwest, corresponding to Missouri. For this new investigation, he
travels so far as the San Luis Valley of southwestern Colorado, to begin. Good
to see him and his crew stretch their legs a bit.

Whereas the subject of
UFOs and aliens is a well-worn trope, this isn’t about alien abductions, precisely,
however fairly the historical past of cattle mutilations which have been occurring since at
least the Nineties. For many who are vegetarians, vegans, and people delicate and
simply triggered to that form of factor, be forewarned there are a number of pictures
of the mutilations. Whereas I perceive the reasoning for these, as it’s the
matter du jour, they might have lower down on the quantity and simply make the purpose.

As with different “On the
Path of…” exhibits and movies, it’s hosted by Panama hat-wearing cryptid
investigator Shannon Legro, who additionally narrates the documentary, in addition to being
its spine. She arrives in Colorado with the Small City Monsters crew, which
is three different males, together with the director, Breedlove, as somebody to bounce
concepts off of for perspective.

As at all times, there are
tons of first-person witness interviews, writers and paranormal investigators,
in addition to these in organizations centered on the subject, corresponding to the pinnacle of MUFON
(Mutual UFO Community, a collective of volunteers who examine and preserve
information of sightings and different unusual occurrences, corresponding to mentioned cattle mutilations).

Now, after I say first-person
witnesses, I’m speaking about cattle ranchers who uncover their inventory after
the tragedies. One claims of 24 of his herd had been mistreated because the Nineties.
However nobody is an precise eyewitness, after all (that’s why it’s cryptid) of the
aliens, their ships, or the mutilations in progress.

Shannon Legro and Snippy the Horse

For that motive, the
story ultimately slides over to very briefly embody abductions, corresponding to a
story of somebody (not alive) who claimed he was taken many occasions. The
documentary additionally flows a bit additional south, the place supposedly the cattle
mutilation began (i.e., was first reported), and as one interviewee states,
it’s an space rife with different Earth-bound cryptids and witches (because the latter
are comparatively human, would they be thought of cryptids?). It’s right here we meet
the pinnacle of the UFO Watchtower, a company just like MUFON, run by a
lady who has a literal watchtower on her middle-of-nowhere ranch, surrounded
by UFO paraphernalia (e.g., alien dolls, indicators, masks, artwork, mugs). It additionally has,
related to it, a museum and retailer, as we see her in entrance of the money register
sooner or later. I’m really upset they used that picture as a result of it type
of cheapens what she is doing (i.e., is it a ardour, or is it merely a
enterprise gimmick?). A part of her “assortment” is the skeleton of the primary reported
mutilation, which is a horse named “Snippy.” Whether or not it’s actually that specific
skeleton shouldn’t be verified within the movie, however taken on the now-owner’s phrase. However
that’s to not say there’s not a sure stage of skepticism on the a part of a
couple of the many individuals interviewed all through

I discover it deeply fascinating
{that a} widespread theme of Small City Monsters’ movies is matching the cryptid with
its atmosphere. For instance, for his or her latest launch titled On the Path
of Bigfoot: The Journey
(2021; reviewed HERE) it was the mountains and forests in northern New York State, and western Vermont
and Massachusetts. On this case, it’s each the Rocky Mountains and the Prairies
to the east that lead as much as them. The surroundings right here is gorgeous for each, aided
by the skillful use of drones to provide a wider perspective; maybe to provide the
viewer an concept of what it might appear to be to a UFO?

As at all times, the
animation recreations are enjoyable to look at, and fluctuate in “lifelike” ranges. Whereas
there are some that present a number of “ships,” apparently a lot of the sightings, to
begin, as expressed by eyewitnesses, are extra lights than objects, and a few of
the animation displays that. The movie lets the viewer resolve if the pictures are
manipulated or “real” footage, fairly than asserting them.

Like a lot of the
cryptid documentaries by anybody, Breedlove and others, there isn’t a actual
proof of its materials focus’ existence, be it ghosts, Sasquatch, UFOs, and so on.,
solely first and second-hand accounts and tales, usually bolstered by
re-enactments. However nonetheless, that doesn’t take something away from the enjoyment
stage of the subject, particularly if one is occupied with that specific topic.
Reasonably than sneer at these individuals who appear deluded, and figuring out the dearth of
reliability of eyewitnesses, I’m nonetheless drawn to those issues, and Breedlove is
a grasp at telling a narrative. Shannon additionally does an awesome job giving these tales

The documentary is out there on iTunes, Amazon Prime
Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW.

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