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Gino Palazzolo Now Claims He By no means Meant to Leak Jasmine Paneda Nudes to Ex

We heard loads about Gino and Jasmine’s not-so-spicy intercourse life on Half 1 of the 90 Day Day Fiance: Earlier than The 90 Days Inform All.

Issues could also be cool within the sheets, however on Half 2, we’ll see Gino within the scorching seat for leaking Jasmine’s nudes.

Bear in mind how he first denied it altogether, then apologized by saying that it was a silly mistake, an error in judgment?

Now he is strolling that again, claiming that it was not a mistake, however an accident. No person’s shopping for it.

(Tell All preview) Gino Palazzolo has a new story

On this sneak peek clip, Gino Palazzolo presents his new recollection of occasions on the Inform All stage.

“It wasn’t nude photos, plural,” he clarifies, insisting that it was just one topless picture.

A number of individuals, together with Mike Berk, are visibly astonished at this declare … which is opposite to what Jasmine is saying.

Jasmine Pineda - naked pictures of me?

“So, this occurred a few months after I met Jasmine,” Gino tells his castmates.

He says that this was “as a result of I used to be enthusiastic about assembly Jasmine.”

Within the understatement of the week, Gino reminds everybody: “Now my ex, she rubbed me the flawed means after we broke up.”

(Tell All preview) Gino Palazzolo claims it was just a mistake

“And he or she was saying a whole lot of stuff to me about her new boyfriend and stuff,” Gino recollects.

“So, what this was was my immaturity,” he acknowledges.

“And attempting to get again at her,” Gino continues, summarizing his motive: “Revenge.”

BF90 S5 cast on the Tell All stage

“Now what occurred was, I chosen a bunch of images on my cellphone,” Gino claims.

“And one of many photos I by chance despatched,” he insists, “was a topless picture.”

This might probably occur, sure, however it’s irresponsible with another person’s picture, it is messy to ship something like this to your ex, and it is very totally different than previous variations of the story.

Gino Palazzolo acts like sugar baby dates are some sort of charity

“And it was one time, and it was meant to be a one-time factor solely,” Gino repeats firmly.

The truth that he says it like this … actually makes lots of people surprise what else he is hiding.

“However,” he claims, “I did not ship a nude picture on goal to her.”

Jasmine Pineda explains that it's pig feet

“I imply, Gino, you despatched at totally different occasions three totally different topless photos,” Jasmine cites throughout the identical clip.

“No, no. This was one time solely,” Gino claims.

“There have been three totally different photos,” Jasmine reiterates, including that Gino accompanied every of those pictures with textual content messages.

Gino Palazzolo in K-1 process with Jasmine, isn't flirting with restaurant employees

If you choose a bunch of pictures and ship them en masse, they do not arrive with textual content messages between every pic.

(Do not textual content mass pictures like that — even when it is your loved ones trip pics, it is such a slipshod technique to share issues until somebody needs them despatched that means)

If there have been traces of textual content between every pic, that implies that the pictures have been chosen and despatched individually … which isn’t what Gino is claiming.

Jasmine Pineda asks Gino Palazzolo why she would give him another chance

“So, you are telling me, Gino, that you simply made the identical mistake three totally different occasions by texting three totally different texts?” Jasmine summarizes.

Shaun Robinson then jumps in, attempting to see if Gino is prepared to instantly name Jasmine is mendacity as an alternative of simply suggest it together with his denials.

Gino does that factor the place he appears to shrink in on himself nervously, however simply repeats the identical declare time and again.

Gino Palazzolo says that he has decided against a prenup

“And the issue is, Shaun, he by no means confirmed me his texts. I by no means noticed it from Gino’s cellphone,” Jasmine laments.

Ella and Mike ask the plain: if Gino is harmless, why did not he exonerate himself by exhibiting Jasmine his unique messages, from his cellphone?

“He deleted it scared, Ella,” Jasmine explains, disappointment in her voice.


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