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A 30-Second Pep Discuss Prevents Generations Of Fascism In Episode 6 Of Star Trek: Picard

In the meantime, Adam Soong’s daughter Kore (Isa Briones, who performed a number of androids within the present’s first season) has launched a brand new, unrelated plot that can undoubtedly need to be addressed within the present’s remaining 4 episodes. Kore suffers from an unnamed genetic ailment that forestalls her from respiration unfiltered air or standing in direct daylight. She spends most of her time in a complicated basement room solely often speaking to her father. When she goes snooping via Adam’s pc, she finds a number of on-line articles on how her father was a mad scientist whose wild genetic experiments price him his livelihood and credibility within the medical neighborhood. She additionally finds a collection of her personal childhood photographs … that she doesn’t bear in mind taking. It seems Kore is merely the newest in a string of failed clones that Soong has been creating for, little question, nefarious functions. 

Absolutely, say I, the notion of a mad scientist utilizing shady genetic experimentation would have been trigger sufficient to suspect a fascist future. It seems the Renée plot, the Watcher, and so on., had been however window-dressing to a extra direct plot about Knowledge’s great-great-etc.-grandfather intentionally inflicting a darkish timeline. A extra attention-grabbing confrontation, certainly I say once more, would have been Picard dealing with off in opposition to a person who seems to be like an previous officer of his, discussing the ethics of genetic manipulation. 

“Picard” is overwritten to the purpose of nonsense. And whereas I do admire the setting, the general thought for the plot, and among the characters, I discover “Picard” continues to be merely stumbling alongside. 

But to be resolved: Dr. Jurati possessed by the Borg Queen, the flashbacks with Picard’s mom, and Adam Soong. I am unable to say I’ve a lot religion in any doubtlessly intelligent denouement.


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