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Alien Hazard! With Raven Van Slender

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Alien Hazard! With Raven Van Slender
Directed by James Balsamo
Acid Tub Productions; Alien Donut Movies
80 minutes; 2021

James Balsamo
have to be one of the prolific administrators on the indie scene. In reality, I
can’t consider anybody of the highest of my head with the output stage he has
achieved, besides presumably Mark Polonia.

Let’s say proper
from the beginning, in case you are not aware of the works of Balsamo, that he has
a pointy auteur course, with almost all his movies being not solely comedies,
however what you discover if you go additional than over-the-top. And but, I’m a fan.

Regardless of his prolificosity (yeah, I do know it’s not a
actual phrase, however go together with me), I do consider that that is Balsamo’s first delving
into science fiction. The texture of the movie is combined. It jogs my memory a little bit of the
outrageous Nineteen Seventies intercourse area comedies like Spaced
(1979) and 2069: A Intercourse Odyssey
(1974), and but retains the goofiness of tv youngsters reveals like “HR
Pufnstuf” (1967-70) and ”Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” (1973-75).

Our hero is the humorous Raven Van Slender (Invoice Victor Arucan), whose area crew, together with Eepa the
Nood (director James Balsamo, who [purposefully] over-plays multiple function
right here), who runs afoul of the evil Overlord Enil (additionally Arucan) doing his finest
Ming the Cruel.

Whereas a lot of
the make-up is colourful face paint (keep in mind the price range), the factor chances are you’ll
discover from the beginning is the massive quantity of animation. As traditional, the credit
are cartoons, however we get to see odd creatures on different planets which might be both puppets,
CGI or cease movement pictures. Both means, it might not look real looking (once more,
price range), however it’s extremely imaginative and enjoyable. And the principle focus of a Balsamo
movie is the enjoyable quotient, which overrides all the pieces else, be it overacting,
tacky units (extra on that in a second), the widespread use of inexperienced display screen
expertise, or pastel make-up. Now, sure, the units seem like they value a few
dollar-fifty, however you understand what, have you ever watched the unique “Star Trek”? The
units (particularly different planets) are comparable, so simply take pleasure in it and don’t
assume too laborious.

A lot of the
opening is exposition in regards to the background of our hero (spoken by an animated
Cyclops-eyed blob. Nevertheless it additionally contains some good easter eggs, equivalent to a shot
of a seashore that’s the locale of the long-lasting finale to the unique The Planet of the Apes (1968). There are
additionally refined flashbacks to earlier Balsamo releases, such because the bat from Chew Faculty (2015) a creature from It Desires Blood! (2019), and the diver
from Killer Waves (2016).

As at all times,
Balsamo depends on a core of his traditional solid, equivalent to Arucan and the versatile Katherine
Pegova, however there may be the ever current and quite a few cameos, as nicely, equivalent to Rob
Halford of Judas Priest, a seemingly confused Tommy Chong, Joe Estevez (Charlie
Sheen’s brother), Tuesday Knight (1988’s A
Nightmare on Elm Avenue 4: The Dream Warrior
, Beverly Randolph (1983’s The Return of the Residing Useless), and plenty of
others, together with a model of the gorilla alien from Robotic Monster (1953).

There’s not as
a lot a coherent story, although there may be the spine of 1, as a lot as set
items that give Balsamo an opportunity to point out off the animation and creativeness.
Van Slender and his loyal crew of misfits battle in opposition to the Evil Overlord.

My solely actual
quibble with the movie is that generally the sound is both too low for this
outdated man’s ears (too many Ramones – and others – reveals in my youth), or
sometimes the voice is manipulated electronically, and I can’t actually make
out what’s being mentioned. However whether it is uttered by Eepa the Nood, you understand it’s
going to be a pun, since Balsamo is a pun king. Talking of which, not like most
earlier Balsamo movies, there isn’t a “Nood-ity,’ together with toplessness. The
sexiest factor is Pegova’s totally clothed silver onesie outfit. Nonetheless, true to
kind, there’s a refined drug reference with some point out of mushrooms which might be
magic, although not consumed.

I might go as
far as say that this might in all probability play on broadcast tv virtually
uncut. I truly hope that doesn’t deter anybody, as a result of, and I’ll say it
once more, it’s fully goofy enjoyable, and in case you are into imbibing in substances,
liquid or plant, you may end up having WTF laughs.

Stick round
after the credit for a music video instantly linked to the movie, by the…
group? single performer? The Toy Dolls, from the UK. Jogs my memory of the early
model of the New York band The Quick, or an upbeat adaption of Gary Numan-kind
of synthesizer pop.

The evaluate of
the sequel Alien Hazard 2! With Raven Van Slender, would be the subsequent weblog.

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