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        Peace and Love!                The 2022 Oscar Winners and Nominees                2022 Display Actors Guild Awards: And the Winners are…                2022 Annual Oscar Nominees                Sidney Poitier: “One among Hollywood’s Biggest Legends.”                The Energy of HOPE: One individual can change the world by giving individuals HOPE! Washington, Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. , Mandela, Mom Teresa, Malala                2021 CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS                78th Venice Worldwide Movie Pageant                “Parallel Moms” by Pedro Almodóvar. Starring Penelope Cruz                Cannes: 2021 Movie Winners                “PIG” Starring Nicolas Cage                Casanova, Final Love                Paper Birds Starring Edward Norton                “BELLE” makes WORLD debut CANNES                The Duke: Starring Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren        

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