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Alien Hazard 2! With Raven Van Slender

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Alien Hazard 2! With Raven Van Slender
Directed by James Balsamo
Acid Bathtub Productions; Alien Donut Movies
71 minutes; 2021

The video
begins with the identical Toy Dolls foolish music video with which the primary movie ended,
however I do must admit that it’s simple for it to develop into an earworm, so be warned
(mentioned with a smile)

I need to say, the
opening animated sequence (unsure if it’s tacky CGI or stop-motion, of each)
mixes a bunch of genres collectively, together with a model of Japanese Mecha-Godzilla
meets The Three Stooges, the Transformers, and the Energy Rangers. It’s goofy (a
phrase I’ve used and can proceed to make use of typically for these movies), however I had a giant
smile on my face for the sheer ambition of it. Plus, there’s the cameos throughout
it by Rob Halford (voice of Judas Priest) vs. Casey Orr (aka Beefcake the Conqueror,
bassist of Gwar). And that’s earlier than the all the time enjoyable animated credit by Rob
Yulfo, that includes a unique music that may be very related by the Toy Dolls.

I must make
this clear: generally it might appear to be I’m insulting the movie by saying the
units are low-cost, the consequences are corny and the appearing is so excessive that
they’re within the stratosphere, however allow us to be specific in that it’s all purposeful,
and it’s enjoyable as a result of of all this nonsense, not in spite of it.
When you’re in search of Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Battle Past the
(1980), properly, you’ve got both come to the incorrect place or not stoned
sufficient (word that I’m straight-edge). Balsamo is infamously leaning in the direction of the
comfortable weed, so I’m positive he’s encouraging it along with his movies. I can perceive
if one will get extra out of it in that headspace, however I’m having fun with it for what it’s:
a sizzling mess.

The cameo villain
on this quantity is Common Legs (voiced by Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley), however
in the meantime, style bending is the important thing right here, as the primary phase of an precise
story is chief, hero, and extremely amusing Raven Van Slender (Invoice Victor Arucan) and the identical crew as the primary
movie (this half was both filmed concurrently, or instantly after the primary
half), together with slug sandwich obsessed Eepa.the Nood (director Balsamo), go to
Ravenwood Forest in Robin Hood mode, to assist King Mark Catapult (quite than
Capulet; that made me snort) and his princess daughter. Aspect word: I’m solely 14
minutes into this factor, together with the music video, Mecha- opening, animated credit,
and a few b-roll from the primary movie. To be clear to the viewers, who most
possible are fairly lit by this level, Van Slender even factors out that that is
like Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, for these baked or unread sufficient to not

Only a
digression, within the first movie, Van Slender’s catchphrase was the titular, “Alien
Hazard!” Right here it’s “Journey awaits!” Nevertheless, the “Alien Hazard” line can be
used. No level in me mentioning this, simply observing.

As with Half
, many of the “alien” differentiation is face make-up of various colours
(once more, as with the earlier assessment, I provide the authentic “Star Trek” sequence,
which frequently employed this type to point distinction of aliens). Right here, there
are additionally makes use of of some completely different masks, lots of which really look fairly good,
a lot of CGI results, and particularly using Inexperienced Display know-how (I’m
satisfied that “Star Trek” would have executed the identical if the means had been out there
within the Sixties).

After we go away
the forest, the following style bending relies on the legendary Western on the
Okie-Dokie Corral, with cowboys and cattle. Okay, overlook the cattle, however there
is a campfire (properly, a hearth pit anyway, and no beans). After the compulsory showdown,
we subsequent slide over to a world {of professional} wrestling, which explains the
cameos by the likes of Sgt. Slaughter, Barry “Krusher Khrushchev” Darslow, and
Sione “Tonga” Valihai. And nonetheless solely half-hour in.

At round 45
minutes, the group is combating monsters on one other planet. We additionally discover out
some private details about our titular hero. At 50 minutes, we’re again in
historical Egypt and Cleopatra (Tracee Cocco) and her killer Martian mummy(s) …
yeah, you learn that proper. There are a bunch of quick bits after that resembling
an intergalactic Ouija board, however I’ll go away it for now quite than cataloging.

The purpose of me
stating the instances is the indication tat there’s a lot happening right here. Maybe
its not a constant narrative or cohesive story, however the set items maintain the
viewer from losing interest. In any case, like puns – one of many director’s
specialties to the purpose the place he has a e book revealed of them James Balsamo’s
Whole Pun-ishment; Dangerous Joke Guide
– if one thing that’s foolish goes on too
lengthy, it will get sporting, however by altering it round a lot, the curiosity of “what
the hell subsequent?” could maintain your consideration.

After all,
there are plenty of cameos, resembling director John Landis and the all the time enjoyable
Vernon Wells, who I nonetheless consider is one of the best character of Mad Max 2: The
Street Warrior
(1981), and really reveals some precise appearing chop whereas
seeming to actually have enjoyable along with his function right here, sans mohawk. However it’s price
noting the next: was many of the cameos in early Balsamo releases tended
to be filmed in an alley behind whichever horror conference or metallic live performance he
attended, and often they only insulted or beat up on Balsamo, generally each.
Whereas Landis is a fast come and go, others like Wells are literally
included into the story, on this case as a helmeted villain, The Shadow Knight
(who subtly quotes John Cleese’s Black Knight in 1975’s Monty Python and the
Holy Grail!
). The standard of the cameos is bettering.

Sure, there are
extra within the franchise coming, resembling Alien Hazard 3: With Raven Van Slender,
and Raven Van Slender Saves Christmas, each anticipated by the top of this
12 months.

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