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Movie Overview: Bryan Loves You (2008)


A Psychotherapist investigates a cult that takes over an Arizona city in 1993.


Okay let’s discuss “Bryan Loves You“. A uniquely participating movie for positive. I’ll confess that whereas participating, I nonetheless discovered myself nodding off halfway. I’m undecided if it was the hypnotic drone of a rating or the dialogue going down, nevertheless with that apart I used to be decided to see this through to the top.

“Bryan Loves You” is a 2008 discovered footage and a cult-centric movie arriving throughout the period the place these sorts of movies have been all the fashion. Now, I don’t thoughts them, however on the time, each film popping out was a discovered footage film of 1 type or the opposite. “Bryan Loves You” was a part of that pack.

The movie was written and directed by Seth Landau who was simply getting began into film making. Just like the “paranormal exercise” films, this route is commonly a better strategy to get some recognition within the film trade, if…. your product cuts the cake.

Bryan Loves You” is centered in a small Arizona city the place it was reported {that a} small cult who worships a lifeless prince named Bryan reside. The story goes that after Bryan was slain by the satan, his legacy to rule as a king went unfulfilled thus leaving the accountability to hunt out the “evil one” to his followers for years after.

Briefly, the entire city appears to be considerably brainwashed into believing on this false deity crossing over into colleges, hospitals, and native safety. Actually, oddly sufficient everybody additionally appears to have a bizarre Halloween masks at their disposal on a second’s discover.

The contributors or followers of Bryan are sometimes seen sporting white masks in unison as a ritualistic observe honoring his greatness. Masks are intermittently worn which confuses the precise observe of sporting them. They do add an anticipated creepiness to the movie however nothing new that we haven’t seen in movies like “The Strangers” (one other 2008 film).

Psychotherapist documentarian Jonathan (Seth Landau) has got down to examine this cult whereas filming it underneath the guise of it being safety footage. His drive is centered across the notion that the spiritual cult has been murdering individuals.

Jonathan is conscious of the potential risks and but continues on a decided function to create a bit that reveals extra about these individuals’s mysterious allegiance to a (slightly insignificant) particular person of the previous, Bryan.

It deserves being famous that in analysis, the cult of Bryan was an actual reported cult group that residing in Arizona. The film is a fiction piece based mostly on this.

Whereas the thought of bizarre cults has been round for many years, I nonetheless consider the psychological impact and function is one thing of curiosity. I might additionally guess that most of the youthful followers on this city have been introduced up underneath this guise of summary loyalty. For the remainder of us, its a research in crimson flags to pay attention to.

The fixed point out of the phrase “Bryan loves You” to outsiders is a play of the rules of Christianity however can also be used as a consolation phrase to somebody who’s about to endure some extent of trauma.

“Bryan Loves You” is low price range film that does its greatest to make a compelling piece. The performing right here was odd and scattered making it considerably of a droll and laughable at different instances. Whereas I reported that it was based mostly on reviews of an actual cult, I simply couldn’t wrap my arms round this as a worthy discovered footage piece. It lacked the particular qualities that make these type of movies engaging, as a substitute it was extra like watching a behind the scenes tape of unhealthy performing.

In closing, Bryan may love me, although I simply can’t reciprocate my emotions for the movie.


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